Today’s assignment was to write about a dream, whether it be a recurring dream or a dream I had recently. You can find the assignment here! I thought this was an interesting assignment because  I don’t often remember my dreams so I thought the challenge would be interesting!

The Backstory:

Like I said, I don’t often remember my dreams so I don’t know if I even had a dream last night, but I do recall a dream I had a couple nights ago. American Horror Story is one of my favorite televisions shows and I have recently been rewatching season 3 co-titled Coven. The season is about a coven of witches who are in danger of dying off since they are hunted or do not acknowledge their powers. The coven supreme is in a feud with the voodoo queen, both in hopes of saving their crew of witches.  I feel the need to give you the backstory on the TV show since my dream is related! I have been trying for months to get my best friend to watch it because I absolutely love it!

The Dream:

I vaguely remember my dream, but it involves my best friend and me as a witch and a warlock. We were participating in the seven wonders alongside the other girls in hopes of becoming the next supreme. That is really all I remember from the dream!

It’s incredible that we have dreams and rarely remember them.


2 thoughts on “Day 8 #DS106 Challenge – Dream it…Write it Assignment

  1. I hardly ever remember my dreams!! I used to remember them a lot as a child but now not so much. I do have a funny dream/story that happened about a week ago. My husband woke me up to tell me I had been grinding my teeth, I (angrily) explained to him that it was because I had been eating the best salad ever and he woke me up so now it was gone. When I looked back to try and remember the dream later, the salad was just plain, no dressing, nothing, I was dreaming about eating leaves, and it was apparently so good that losing that dream made me upset.


    1. That’s so funny! I think it is fascinating that we forget our dreams so easily! When I originally sat down to write this I thought I remembered my dream, but as I was writing I realized I didn’t remember much of it at all. Maybe if you eat a real salad it will inspire another dream.

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