ds106 is an online course open to all who choose to participate. When I initially started looking into it I was both confused and intrigued. I had never heard of ds106 before, but it seemed extremely popular and had been going on for quite a while. It combines digital storytelling with the openness for the creator to express themselves however they choose! There are 5 types of creates (audio, video, writing, drawing, photography) that we are required to do for this course, but there are multiple others that are available in the explore website (visual, audio, coding, web, writing, animated gif, design, video, fanfic, 3D printed). You have the option of a random assignment based on the create you choose, or you can do the daily create. There are multiple directions you could take it this activity and multiple ways you can incorporate it into your life and school.

PHOTO CC – By: Daniel Lin

What I find particularly awesome about this website is the ability to choose random assignments based on the create you choose to do. That way, people who are more comfortable taking pictures, rather than writing, have that option. You are also given the freedom to take the assignment in any direction you choose. If your assignment is to photograph your favorite place on earth and create a collage, how do you do that if that place is not immediately accessible?  You get creative! You might find objects that remind you of that place and make a collage, or you might take the easy approach and use previous pictures! it is ultimately up to the creator. I love that ds106 gives creators the creative freedom to explore the multiple aspects of their creative life. I, myself, think I am not very creative, but I know this will push me out of my comfort zone and try new things. I’m excited to get started with the 30-day ds106 challenge. I have enjoyed seeing the creations of others on the website.

I think ds106 is an excellent idea for bellwork activities in class. The majority of them do not take very much time and allow students to start class time with their creative juices flowing. Especially as a future English teacher, I think the writing assignments would be perfect. Students can keep a writing journal where they write down their creation for the daily create. I can even allow them to choose a different create assignment ever so often to whatever they are more comfortable with. This is how I would incorporate ds106 into my classroom to spark creativity.


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