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When I think of the word education, I picture many students sitting in front of a teacher dozing off as they lecture. This is the image many people associate with education because we imagine school as the tradition 7 hour day with teachers constantly lecturing. An idea that has been the same for many many years. It seems as the newer generations begin their educational journey, they no longer are content with being at their desk all day. We are beginning to realize this and education is beginning to change.

There are still many people who believe education is fine the way it is, but there are more and more people who are beginning to see the value in creativity. Through watching Logan LaPlante’s TED Talk a students success is not defined by how they are taught. Some students do great in a traditional classroom while students like Logan excel in a place they can be active and creative. As a teacher, this shows me I need to appeal to every student. My classroom and instruction should be designed a way where reserved students can excel, but creative students also have a safe place. This means that for every assignment I will try to provide options. An option that is rhetoric and an option that is creative. Students have the ability to choose the option that ensures or motivates their success.

Bud Hunt’s blog post discusses the importance of viewing things from different perspectives. He discusses how important it is to acknowledge and explore our creative sides. The best way we can demonstrate what we learned is by making something to represent our learning. This reminds me of when I was in 10th grade. We were reading  The Scarlett Letter and were asked to create a letter with images that we related to the novel. I was able to make something that helped demonstrate my learning and had fun in the process. Hunt also touches on the idea of  “hacking” meaning students should make changed to improve their learning in a way they find enjoyable. That to me ties in the idea of “playing” because students should have the liberty to explore different options and methods of doing things. A student should approach their education in a way that interests them within regulation.

Given that LaPlante’s TED Talk is over 4 years old shows me that this is an ongoing issue. Students like Logan have been trying to find ways to better ensure their success without being confined to a classroom. They are exploring new ways of education where they are actively learning. Hunt’s blog post shows me that there are educators on board who are willing to explore active education and recognize the power of creativity.


8 thoughts on “Let’s Change the way we View Education

  1. Angel, I completely agree that we as future teachers have a job to make sure we are taking into consideration every single student individually. Even when I was going through school, it was obvious that some students learned better in different environments and scenarios. That’s what makes it hard to understand, how I was able to notice that as a student; but teachers aren’t willing to step back and do something about it. I love that you recognized the age of LaPlante’s TED talk, I hadn’t even noticed that it was so dated. Education changes more rapidly than we notice in many areas and it’s crazy that even four years ago these were still problems in education. I totally agree that teachers may have to offer different options when it comes to assignments, and work on accomodating all of their students. I think you will be a fantastic teacher!


  2. Love everything you said! Giving your students those options you are talking about will be so beneficial for your students which will then be a great thing for you as well! You are so right when you discussed the ever so long days of students sitting in the classroom being lectured. They check out or doze off within minutes so we all need to mix it up a bit to keep them attentive and engaged! Great blog post!


    1. Kelsey, Thank you for your comment! If you have no read Brain Rules by John Medina, I highly recommend it as a future teacher! The section on Attention discusses “the 10-minute rule”. Basically, We have 10-minute attention span before we completely lose focus and have to regain interest. It is an interesting concept and a must read for a future teacher.


  3. Angel, I love your approach to incorporating make, play, and hacking into the classroom by offering alternative options to lecture and other traditional forms of education! I was surprised to see that the Ted Talks video that featured Logan Laplante was filmed 4 years ago. I did not catch that when I viewed the video, nice point!


    1. The time stamp on the video showed me that this has been an ongoing issue. We need to work towards making education enjoyable for students. I understand sometimes that may be difficult but giving students options is one way I believe we can peak a students interest.


  4. Angel, thank you for thinking of each child as an individual. All too often any more people don’t see children as individuals. They see them more as a group. And not too many times are all the individual children a similar group. As though we like to group similiar children together. It doesn’t always work that way. So we as teachers need to be able to consider all the students as their own. Thank you for sharing your ideas and views.


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